Air cushion recovery :

Air cushion recovery is a good alternative to traditional recovery methods. The air cushions are used to lift the heavy-duty trucks or trailers. The benefit of using air cushion is that we can inflate and overturn an automobile without the need of offloading the cargo. It also helps us minimize the damage.

Coach recovery :

The modern suspension features of coaches give the utmost comfort to passengers. In terms of recovery, our concern is regarding the wheel grids and paddles. Our staff is well trained and well equipped to recover such coaches with minimal damage.

Commercial workshop :

With recovery, we also have an updated commercial workshop. This means that there is no need to transfer your vehicle for the repairs. We offer a one-stop solution for all your needs.

Commercial roadside assistance :

We are experts when it comes to commercial roadside assistance. Whether it is a breakdown, maintenance or an accident, we are there for you 24/7.

Commercial transportation :

Commercial transportation has always been an important aspect of Derek & Beahan. We are known for precise and timely commercial transportation services at the best possible rate. It could be anything, simply contact us for your commercial transportation needs!

Car recovery :

Every client is special to us and we pay special attention when it comes to car recovery. It is almost a new story for us every time we get a call for car recovery. We understand your situation and we understand how to respond to it!

Car roadside assistance :

Now this service has made us well-known and trustworthy. Why? In all these years we have completed numerous car roadside assistance. Car roadside assistance cases need more care, good experience, and the ability to make quick decisions. The weather could be worst, the car might be broken down, the passengers could be in a bad state of mind, etc, could be anything! But we know what to do at that time. So trust us, we are the best when it comes to car roadside assistance.

Car workshop :

The car workshop is a completely different type of setup. It is different from a commercial workshop in many ways. Apart from all the modern types of equipment, we also need to take care of the car owners. When they need immediate assistance and solutions, we do prioritize it! Apart from all this, we try to keep the service cost as low as possible and ensure transparent communication with the owner.

Commercial recovery :

Commercial recovery can be a tricky thing. Why? Commercial vehicles have expensive goods and quick delivery time. During such situations, recovering a commercial vehicle is a task. Depending on the requirements and situation, we switch over to air cushion recovery if the vehicle has hazardous or delicate goods. This helps us minimize the damage and danger. In short, you just need to call us and we will be there for you with the best possible solution!






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